WordPress Security and why you shouldn't use nulled plugins and themes

WordPress Security and why you shouldnt use nulled plugins and themes

As a web hosting company we often have customers contacting our customer support concerned about the security of there website. The majority of the time its concerns about WordPress security. Being the most popular open source CMS on the market the amount of users is huge. Our web hosting platforms allow you to 1 click …
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Samsung Data Center

Samsung Data Center Fire

Have you been experiencing issues with your Samsung device? Well its not just been you. Users worldwide have been reporting that there Samsung devices from smart-phones to smart TV’s have being giving random errors! A small community news site called Wikitree reported that Samsung had a fire n there south Korea data centre that effected …
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Heart Bleed OpenSSL Bug

Heart Bleed OpenSSL Bug

So just what is the Heart Bleed OpenSSL bug? To put it n layman’s terms many servers use OpenSSL cryptography library for encrypted TLS connections i.e. SSL connections. This allows users to safely transmit data between there PC’s and servers using an encrypted connection. It allows a layer of security to protect your confidential data. …
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Web Hosting Platform Upgrade

At Umbrella Host we aim to provide a quality web hosting platform and service at all times. Following on from feedback received by our clients we are pleased to announce updated features and client account upgrades as a result. We aim to provide many more upgrades in the future, for now here is a small list:

What is Umbrella Host cPanel Hosting

What is cPanel hosting?

At Umbrella Host we have built an in house control panel that allows you to access all the features of your web hosting account quickly and easily. So if you need to add a new mail box or simply browse your files stored in your hosting account then you can simply use the file browser …
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Manchester Based Web Hosting

Manchester Website Hosting Services

Umbrella Host is a Manchester website Hosting company that prides itself in providing quality web hosting solutions at an affordable price. Web Hosting packages range from Linux, Windows and cPanel, the industry standard hosting platform. If your looking for a dedicated solution then we are also able to provide VPS Cloud servers or a fully …
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Reseller Web Hosting

Reseller Website Hosting

So what is Reseller Website Hosting? Well to put it simply it allows you to create, manage and delete web hosting accounts as and when you need to. You can setup your own web hosting packages in a matter of minutes or you can do it on the fly when an order is placed on …
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Windows Hosting Announced

Umbrella Host, the UK’s leading provider of Web Hosting is pleased to announce the launch of Windows Web Hosting. Providing the flexibility and great features you would expect with Umbrella Host, such as unlimited bandwidth and unlimited web space. Fully supporting ASP, ASP.NET, PHP 5, Perl & Ruby and MS SQL databases coupled with a …
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65% of UK households…

According to UK government statistics, 16 million UK households (about 65%) had Internet access in 2008 which is an increase of 7 per cent since 2007. As for the broadband, only 56% of all UK households had a broadband connection in 2008 which is an increase of 5% since 2007.

Is Google Reader Any…

Web feeds can save you so much time and energy. With web feeds the latest news, stories and updates from your favourite sites come to you instead of you going to them, it is very convenient. I use Sage as my default web feed at the moment but when I am away from my pc …
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