Samsung Data Center

Samsung Data Center Fire

Have you been experiencing issues with your Samsung device?

Well its not just been you. Users worldwide have been reporting that there Samsung devices from smart-phones to smart TV’s have being giving random errors!

A small community news site called Wikitree reported that Samsung had a fire n there south Korea data centre that effected users worldwide.

News quickly spread on Twitter and many users worldwide complained that there services were effected.

The fire was even caught on video and quickly posted onto popular video platform YouTube:

Although the outages lasted for several hours Samsung services are now backup. Such a big company like Samsung has experts in the field questioning why such an isolated incident had an impact worldwide. Samsung have yet to comment on this important aspect!

Amir Farid

Amir Farid

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Amir Farid


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Amir Farid
Amir Farid
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