What is Umbrella Host cPanel Hosting

What is cPanel hosting?

At Umbrella Host we have built an in house control panel that allows you to access all the features of your web hosting account quickly and easily. So if you need to add a new mail box or simply browse your files stored in your hosting account then you can simply use the file browser as well as access many other features.

Although we have built an in house control panel to manage your web hosting we have also included web hosting packages that use the industry standard cPanel hosting control panel.

So when you ask, what is cPanel hosting? then the answer is simply its a web hosting account that uses cPanel as a control panel to manage the hosting account which allows you to access all the features of your hosting account, add update mail boxes, manage your domains, set-up databases and many other features.

Our customers loved our in house control panel however they missed the look and feel of cPanel. cPanel is extremely easy to use. There are many built in features with cPanel however there are many extras that you are also added. For example Installatron is a 1 click script installer that has all the latest scripts and can be used to install scripts with literally 1 click! With our version of Installatron we have also added premium scripts like Form maker Pro, VLD Personals and many more allowing us to stand out from the crowd.

Umbrella Host’s cPanel hosting is packed full of additional features that no other web host can provide. We also provide quality UK web hosting support from seasoned specialists who can sort out any issues with your hosting account quickly and easily.




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