Samsung Data Center

Samsung Data Center Fire

Have you been experiencing issues with your Samsung device? Well its not just been you. Users worldwide have been reporting that there Samsung devices from smart-phones to smart TV’s have being giving random errors! A small community news site called Wikitree reported that Samsung had a fire n there south Korea data centre that effected …
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Heart Bleed OpenSSL Bug

Heart Bleed OpenSSL Bug

So just what is the Heart Bleed OpenSSL bug? To put it n layman’s terms many servers use OpenSSL cryptography library for encrypted TLS connections i.e. SSL connections. This allows users to safely transmit data between there PC’s and servers using an encrypted connection. It allows a layer of security to protect your confidential data. …
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Web Hosting Platform Upgrade

At Umbrella Host we aim to provide a quality web hosting platform and service at all times. Following on from feedback received by our clients we are pleased to announce updated features and client account upgrades as a result. We aim to provide many more upgrades in the future, for now here is a small list:

Islamic Web Hosting

Umbrella Host is now providing Islamic Web Hosting to the Muslim community based in the UK and around the glode. Many our clients are now from the Islamic community who have specific web hosting requirements. From fast UK servers to quick deployment of popular services such as forums and ecommerce systems.

Umbrella Host V2 Released

We haven’t posted any news for a while, and that’s because we have been flat out building Version 2 of Umbrella Host. Version 2 is basically a complete rebuild from scratch. The new version has a brand new front end design, new features and a completely re-written back end which takes Umbrella Host to the …
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10 Must Have Firefox…

1. Flash Switcher It is a must have for Flash Developers, it lets you choose between different versions of flash so you can be sure your code is compatible with all existing versions of Flash.