Umbrella Host V2 Released

We haven’t posted any news for a while, and that’s because we have been flat out building Version 2 of Umbrella Host.

Version 2 is basically a complete rebuild from scratch. The new version has a brand new front end design, new features and a completely re-written back end which takes Umbrella Host to the cutting edge of web development.

As the site has been built bit by bit over the last 3 years lots of code has been written which has now become obsolete. We decided it time for a blank sheet of paper, and a big clean up. As a result V2 not only looks better, but should be even faster than before.

New features which are included in V2 are…

  • New site wide design
  • New customer area page layouts with a clearer, professional design
  • Easier to use forms with dynamic validation and in place tips implemented across the site
  • Simpler standard menu structure
  • Easier to understand My Umbrella Host customer area
  • File attachments (Allowing you to attach files to your support tickets)
These are just some of the changes that have been implemented site wide. Obviously changes like this always takes a bit of getting used to, but as ever we really want to hear your initial feedback – Good / Bad, easier to understand, better to use etc? If you spot any bugs, errors or weirdo’s – please let us know! It’s entirely possible that we have missed something!

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