Web Hosting Platform Upgrade

At Umbrella Host we aim to provide a quality web hosting platform and service at all times. Following on from feedback received by our clients we are pleased to announce updated features and client account upgrades as a result. We aim to provide many more upgrades in the future, for now here is a small list:

What is Umbrella Host cPanel Hosting

What is cPanel hosting?

At Umbrella Host we have built an in house control panel that allows you to access all the features of your web hosting account quickly and easily. So if you need to add a new mail box or simply browse your files stored in your hosting account then you can simply use the file browser …
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Manchester Based Web Hosting

Manchester Website Hosting Services

Umbrella Host is a Manchester website Hosting company that prides itself in providing quality web hosting solutions at an affordable price. Web Hosting packages range from Linux, Windows and cPanel, the industry standard hosting platform. If your looking for a dedicated solution then we are also able to provide VPS Cloud servers or a fully …
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Reseller Web Hosting

Reseller Website Hosting

So what is Reseller Website Hosting? Well to put it simply it allows you to create, manage and delete web hosting accounts as and when you need to. You can setup your own web hosting packages in a matter of minutes or you can do it on the fly when an order is placed on …
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Islamic Web Hosting

Umbrella Host is now providing Islamic Web Hosting to the Muslim community based in the UK and around the glode. Many our clients are now from the Islamic community who have specific web hosting requirements. From fast UK servers to quick deployment of popular services such as forums and ecommerce systems.

Umbrella Host V2 Released

We haven’t posted any news for a while, and that’s because we have been flat out building Version 2 of Umbrella Host. Version 2 is basically a complete rebuild from scratch. The new version has a brand new front end design, new features and a completely re-written back end which takes Umbrella Host to the …
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10 Sites to Find…

Web design is a fun and rewarding field to participate in. Sometimes, however, we run into problems when it comes to finding the right image to help make the design complete. The internet is full of great sites that provide photos and images that are royalty-free and free of any charge whatsoever. Here’s a list …
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Why Firefox 3 is…

I came accross this video on YouTube and decided to share. I completely stopped using the Internet Explorer ages ago, only using it for browser compatibility checks for our projects. Personally, I love the Tab Mix Plus Add On and Bookmark shortcuts (g keyword for google search, for example) features. Cool !!! Anyway, here is …
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Cascading Style Sheets (CSS)

Cascading Style Sheets (CSS) are used to separate the stylistic elements of a page such as layout, colour and fonts from the content of the page such as paragraphs and images. We call this Separation of Content from Presentation.

.Mobi Domain Names

Although mobile devices and the networks that support them are improving, it seems like the mobile Web is almost a secret these days because sites can be hard to locate and have little content when you find them. And yet, with four mobile phones purchased for every one personal computer, there’s a world of people …
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