So what’s all this about web accessibility?

The number of people advocating web accessibility and standards-based design in general is increasing day by day. “So what is the big fuss and why do I need to implement the web accessibility on my website”, customers may exclaim.

Web accessibility is a general practice of developing websites accessible to people that use a wide range of software & devices and not just standard Web browsers. This is especially important for people with disabilities such as visual impairment. In order to access the Web, some users require special software or devices (e.g. screen readers) in addition to a standard web browser, or a specially designed web browsers. In our opinion, designing for accessibility is also a sub-category of good design for usability and goes beyond just designing for people with physical or cognitive disabilities.

Accessibility is about making your site available to the widest possible audience regardless of what browser or device your visitors use, disability or connection speed they may have. Therefore, developing websites with accessibility in mind can also improve website’s usability . Good design can also deliver easier access for automated software programs that read website content, such as search engines.

One important aspect of accessibility is to let people access content in their preferred way. This can also benefit all users not just those with disabilities: for example, some users may wish to adjust text sizes because they are using a very small display on a mobile phone, or may need to use keystrokes to control their computer because they do not have a mouse or prefer not to use one.

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Amir Farid

Amir Farid

Creative SEO Director at Umbrella Interactive Ltd
Amir Farid is the Creative SEO Director of Umbrella Interactive Ltd. Based in Rochdale, Greater Manchester, Umbrella Interactive provides online and digital media solutions to SME's and start-up businesses. Umbrella Brands include Umbrella Host, SEO Umbrella and Umbrella Web Studio. You Can find him on Google+
Amir Farid


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Amir Farid
Amir Farid
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