WordPress Security and why you shouldn't use nulled plugins and themes

WordPress Security and why you shouldnt use nulled plugins and themes

As a web hosting company we often have customers contacting our customer support concerned about the security of there website. The majority of the time its concerns about WordPress security. Being the most popular open source CMS on the market the amount of users is huge. Our web hosting platforms allow you to 1 click …
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Social Networking

The most popular social network is of course MySpace. Though the social giant enjoys over 20 million unique visitors every month, few businesses or website owners have thought to penetrate this incredible resource. Versions of social networking include blogging social networks – primarily Technorati indexes blogs based on the amount of incoming links those …
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Why Firefox 3 is the Best

I came accross this video on YouTube and decided to share. I completely stopped using the Internet Explorer ages ago, only using it for browser compatibility checks for our projects. Personally, I love the Tab Mix Plus Add On and Bookmark shortcuts (g keyword for google search, for example) features. Cool !!! Anyway, here is …
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