Assisted Migration Service

At Umbrella Host we offer an assisted migration service. There are some caveats and these are detailed below.

  • Our assisted migrations are only available to new clients.
  • Migrations need to be requested by opening a support ticket from your Umbrella Host client area. We offer free account migrations from other web hosting providers.
  • Any website that needs to be migrated should be running correctly on your current provider – any errors being logged or functional issues with the site should be resolved by you before the migration. We will check your site is running correctly once it’s migrated – but we won’t fix any existing issues.
  • Migrating from cPanel based hosting accounts will bring any addon, alias and sub-domains, databases and mailboxes over in your cpMove file – all your cPanel passwords will be the same once moved.
  • Due to the nature of migrations we won’t combine multiple cPanel accounts into one single account. You are welcome to move existing sites yourself into sub-domains or addon domains (up to your web hosting plan limit).
  • Migration from non-cPanel hosts are included but we will limit the migration to the first 2 sites free of charge, further web sites can be migrated at a cost of £10 per site.

Should you have any questions regarding our assisited migration service please open a support ticket once you have purchased the required hosting plan and we will be more than happy to answer any questions you have.

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