Is Google Reader Any Good?

Web feeds can save you so much time and energy. With web feeds the latest news, stories and updates from your favourite sites come to you instead of you going to them, it is very convenient.

I use Sage as my default web feed at the moment but when I am away from my pc I use the web-based service, Bloglines. I have used Bloglines for ages now as I find it really user friendly…however, Google Reader has recently caught my eye.

Google Reader has a really easy interface (as you would expect) with many features other web feeds can only dream about. Videos and images are integrated and it has an interested social aspect too whereby you can share and comment on content with your friends. That’s really handy for projects and or just for catching up and interacting with friends.

It has a blog and news search engine which makes it very easy to subscribe to feeds. Great.

It’s been along time coming (it launched in Beta in 2006) as Web feeds have been around for a while but Google really have made something very good, easy to use and integrated.

I may just start using it myslef

  • Drag and drop
  • Package tracking
  • Mobile interface
  • Fast loading
  • All you subscriptions in one feed
  • Wii version available
  • Offline access with Google Gears
Amir Farid

Amir Farid

Creative SEO Director at Umbrella Interactive Ltd
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Amir Farid


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Amir Farid
Amir Farid
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