How do I add a domain to my web hosting account?

To add a domain you will need to login to the hosting control panel from the Umbrella Host customer area. Follow these steps to login:

Once there:

  1. Look for 'Manage Domains' section
  2. Click on ' Add Domain'
  3. Enter domain name
    • 3(a). Specify a different foot folder if required (You're can change the Document Root so that you can direct the domain to the folder of your choosing.)
  4. Update nameservers at your domain registrar
  5. Allow domain to propagate
  6. Upload files to the folder you specified in 3(a)
  7. Once propagation completes the site will be available via our platform.

What is the document root?

The document root is the folder which the additional domain will use, for example, your primary domain and its files will be located in the public_html root folder, you may have a directory within your web space located within public_html called support (i.e. public_html/support), you could point your additional domain to this location by adding public_html/support in the Document Root field. Now that additional domain will be available from that custom root document


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