What does dedicated server management include?

All Umbrella Host Dedicated Servers are fully managed and monitored round the clock. When you purchase a dedicated server from Umbrella Host, you not only get a server, you get a completely managed dedicated hosting solution. Once you place an order and after the server set-up, our team of Administrators monitor its performance and maintain your server 24x7x365 to ensure that it is always online and performing as per your expectations. All dedicated servers come with an array of server management services executed by our team of dedicated server experts. Server management includes installation and maintenance of a standard software package, security monitoring, backups and technical support. Every dedicated server comes with Apache, MySQL, mail and DNS server pre-installed along with Spam filter and virus-protection for your server. Every dedicated server is fully secured, configured, and customized for your specific business needs. All servers are delivered to you virtually production ready.

Regular updates are also performed on the server in order to make sure you are always running a secure machine, while benefiting from the latest stable versions of the installed programs.

Umbrella Host server management responsibilities include but are not limited to the following tasks:

* Initial Server Setup.
* Routine server monitoring.
* Server Migration (If applicable).
* Disaster recovery planning and procedures including system and file backup.
* Server backup restoration in the event of a hardware failure.
* Server troubleshooting – We will help you trouble shoot if the server is not performing well.
* Regular maintenance of the operating system (updates & patches).
* Installation of mod_evasive to prevent DDoS Attacks.
* Firewall configuration.

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