Difference between Shared Hardware firewall and Dedicated Hardware firewall

Dedicated Cisco ASA 5505 Hardware Firewall :-

A dedicated hardware firewall can help to protect against :-

* IP Spoofing by blocking hackers who are using spoofed IP addresses to attempt to attack or hack into your dedicated server.

* Brute force attacks (repeated attempts to hack) passwords of email, ftp, and other services.

* Exploitable Port Ranges by locking down ports your dedicated hosting servers can use.

* MSSQL and MySQL Remote Exploitation by locking MySQL and MSSQL database’s down so only specific IP Addresses can access them remotely.

* Remote Administration Tools – Servers need to be remotely managed, by specifying the IP addresses that can access the management adds another layer of protection to your dedicated server.

Shared Cisco ASA 5505 Hardware Firewall

Shared firewall is basically configured to:

* Filter the packets that has been exchanged from the server to rest of the world to avoid any packet snipping within the network of the server that has been added in firewall.

* Block any IP that is sending too many SYN packets, for 15 minutes.

* create a log of all the traffic that has been sent & received on a particular IP and then react to other traffic on the port whether to allow or block it.

Shared Firewall does not have any specific hardcore rules to block any ports on the servers except to allow standard ports all the time. It will close all the ports if they have not been use for long time and will only enable it unless there is a request out from the server from that port.

Shared firewall has very basic rules due to the amount of traffic it handles on numerous IPs, adding more rules may cause a bit delay or time outs to the server. This also helps us to make sure that there is minimum human interface to manage the rules as one mistake may bring all the servers out of network, therefore it has been configured to intelligently handle the traffic.


The firewall is fully managed by our certified technicians and requires zero administration from you.

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