How to Install Magento on Dedicated Server using cPanel?

Magento is an e-commerce software application specifically designed to be simple to customizable. It offers great flexibility, scalability and appealing features for the growth of any business. It is an application that provides merchants full flexibility and good control over the presentation, functions and content of their online store. Magento installation on dedicated server hosting is very easy and can be installed within few clicks using the Site Software Tool present in the cPanel.

Lets begin with the magento installation with cPanel:

Step 1: Search for the Site Software tool which is listed in the Software/Services section in the cPanel.

Step 2: Click on the Site Software tool, find the Magento in the Ecommerce area and click on it to open.

Step 3: Once it open, you will have to enter the Admin User & Admin Pass in order to proceed with the Magento installation.

Step 4: If you wish you can specify a subfolder under the root directory for the installation. If you want to install it in your root directory then just leave it blank.

Step 5: Now, simply click on the Install button in order to finish the installation of Magento.

Installation Successful!!!

The installation is now finished, you will get a confirmation screen showing you the following things:

Make sure you save your magento encryption key in a safe place.

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