Phishing - Protect your Identity and Finances

Phishing is the name given to an increasingly common type of spam (unsolicited emails) designed to obtain personal information such as credit card numbers and banking details.

Phishers send emails which seem to come from a real website such as a bank, ISP, PayPal, or credit card issuer. The recipient of the email is then asked to click a link within the message which takes them to a page asking them to enter Personal and account details into the page.

The details entered are then be used to steal money from the victims bank account or to purchase goods on a credit card leaving the cardholder with a large bill.

You can help protect yourself by following some simple rules:

* Never respond to emails that request personal financial
* When visiting your banks' website ALWAYS type the address exactly as provided by the bank and by typing the URL into the address bar manually.
* Keep a regular check on your accounts and immediately report any suspicious transactions.
* Always report suspicious activity to the police or the company named in the email.

Further details about Phishing can be found at

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