cPanel Server Reboot

 Sep 13th

We have opened the a maintenance window to perform a reboot of our cPanel servers. This will be conducted on Friday 15th September 2017 @ 11pm GMT. We expect there will be around 20 minutes of downtime.

DDOS Attack

 Feb 10th

Currently experiencing a DDOS attack. Tech are on the case to fix ASAP apologies to our customers. We hope to have services up as soon as.

Updated Client Home

 Oct 31st

We have updated our client home with a fresh look and feel. new features have been added too. For cPanel customers you can now manage your hosting from the client area without ever having to login to cpanel itself! there are also new fresh offers oin the client area for you too choose.

UPDATED Hosting Control Panel

 Mar 17th

We have updated our linux shared web hosting control panel. You can now manage your domains from the web hosting control panel. Simply click the 'switch to domain' link in the header and you can quickly and easily manage your domain. Please note: this is ONLY for linux shared hosting accounts.

Updated Logins

 Mar 21st

We have further improved your client area. You can now directly login to any of your services from your account overview page. Access is provided directly from the quick login tab and allows you access services quickly and easily. We will be making further changes in due course to make it even easier to manage your services with Umbrella Host.

Client Home Improvements

 Jan 29th

We are updating the look and feel of our client pages to provide even more features, special offers and easier navigations to your most important information.

Magento Hosting Introduced

 Jan 2nd

We have introduced Magento Hosting to our hosting platform. Magento is a fast growing ecommerce system for SME's and Enterprise businesses. Our Magento hosting platform is fast and stable to host any number of Magento websites without slowing down the server our your magento website. More information about our Magento Hosting can be found here. Read More »

Reseller Hosting Updated

 Dec 26th

We have updated our reseller hosting with some new features. CloudFlare and SpamExperts have been added to our reseller accounts. we have also moved all resller account over to a new server using LiteSpeed. With no downtime for existing clients and fast websites for new clients our reseller hosting is now super super fast!

New Client Area

 Dec 18th

We have updated your client area with a new fresh interface. Its now much easier to navigate around and find the sections you are looking for. It doesnt stop there, over the next few weeks we will be making further enhancements to this new look with a whole set of new features!

Updated Domain Section

 Oct 6th

We have updated our domain section in your client area. you can now view the nameservers associated with your domain name there and make ammendments if you require. this is 1 in many of the forthcoming updates to your client area.